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GCSE Preparation

These courses are suitable for mixed ability groups - all levels are welcome. Some previous drawing & painting experience is required.  This course is offered on Monday afternoons.

Self Portrait in Oil Paint
Photo 30-09-2017, 12 40 25_edited.jpg

Students will develop confidence and the ability to be creative . 

They will learn how to engage with the work of a range of artists and build on their own ideas whilst focusing on their coursework preparation, in order to produce a strong personal response. Similarly, with the work they do for their  final exam. 


Over the course we will discover how to proceed from a range of starting points, experimenting with different materials and techniques whilst building on their particular theme. 

All students will be encouraged to explore their subjects and approaches  in order to create something entirely new and individual.


The class will move at the pace of the students with one to one feedback and advice given by the teacher on a regular basis.

All materials are included but students can bring their own equipment as well. They will be encouraged to visit relevant exhibitions in order to inform the development of their individual projects.


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GCSE Course

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£25.00 per hour

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