Our six-week watercolour courses run on consecutive Thursdays. The watercolour painting courses are suitable for mixed ability groups, all levels are welcome and no previous painting experience is required. The course is broken down into six painting classes. 

You will learn how to use the beautiful, transparent medium of watercolour.  Initial studies will be drawn from natural forms and organic subjects.  As the course proceeds students will be shown how to capture the natural environment and its subjects.

 Classes will move at the pace of the students, with one-to-one feedback and advice from the tutor. 

The first session of each six-week course will also serve as a single session for those who wish to have a taster of the full course. This session can be booked separately, or is included in the full course. 

Current Courses

Introductory Watercolour - Taster Session

 09/01 10:30am - 1.00pm - £30

Introductory session to the principles of 

watercolour painting at intermediate level.

Introductory Watercolour course (6 weeks)


 10:30am - 1.00pm - £180

Intermediate introduction - Taster Session

27/02 10:30am - 1.00pm - £30

Introductory session to the principles of 

watercolour at an intermediate level.

Intermediate Watercolour course (6 week)

27/02-02/04  10:30am - 1.00pm - £180

Interm. Watercolour course (6 week)


Interm. Watercolour Taster session


Intro.Watercolour -Taster Session


Intro. Watercolour course (6 week)