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Oil Painting

Six-week courses run on consecutive Saturdays and are suitable for mixed ability groups. All levels are welcome and no previous painting experience is required. 


You will follow a systematic approach enabling you to appreciate  the creative possibilities of the medium and the specific techniques that can be used. 

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 Oil Paint is a  beautiful and highly versatile medium which is suited to depicting a wide range of subjects.

The first session of each six-week course will also serve as a single session for those who wish to have a taster of the full course. 

This session can be booked separately, or is included in the full course.

Please note these live classes will resume when possible?

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Current Courses 

Intermediate Oil Taster session

11/01  10:30-13.00 - £30

Introductory session to the  principles of oil painting at an intermediate level. 

Intermediate Oil course (6 week)


10.30-13.00- £180

Intermediate Oil Taster session

29/02 10.30-13.00- £30

Intermediate Oil course  (5 week)

29/02-04/04 10:30 - 13.00  £150

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