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Drawing & Life Drawing
Our six-week online drawing courses run on consecutive Monday evenings. Learn the basic elements of drawing. Learn observational skills and how to accurately depict a range of Still Life objects - such as organic, botanical and inanimate matter.

In addition to this you can learn to draw landscape and the human form.




To give these courses context you will look at the historical background of the genre.

Classes will have one-to-one feedback and advice will be given throughout by the tutor . 

The first session of each  course will also serve as a single session for those who wish to have a taster of the full course. This session can be booked separately, or is included in the full course.

Some degree of flexibility to the course schedule may be applied.

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Course Breakdown

Introduction drawing - Taster session

 05 Sep 18.30-20.00 pm  £12

Introductory session to the  principles of Drawing

Introduction to Drawing (6 week)

05 Sep - 10 Oct  18.30-20.00 pm  £72.0

Introduction to drawing - Taster Session

31 Oct     18.30-20.00 pm  £12.0

Introductory session to the  principles of Drawing

Introduction to Drawing (6 week) 

31 Oct - 05 Dec  18.30-20.00 pm   £72.0 

Book a Course

Book one of our taster sessions to get a feel for the teaching style. If you enjoy this session you can go on to book the remaining 5 classes. Alternatively you can just book the full 6 week course.