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Introductory Art Course

In this Introductory Art Course you will learn the basics of three artistic disciplines: drawing, oil painting and watercolour painting.


This 12-week course is split into three segments each focusing on one of the three disciplines and will continue to run when possible?



Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of drawing and be shown how to use line, shape, tone, proportion and composition.

Students will then be given an introduction to using the medium of watercolour, in order to confidently express colour, shape and tone in a composition.



Following this students will become familiar with the principles & history of oil painting;  you will be shown how to capture the natural environment and its subjects.


A complete breakdown of the course will be available to download when purchasing the course. ​


Current Courses 

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The first session of this twelve week course will also serve as a single session for those who wish to have a taster of the full course. 


This session can be booked separately, or is included in the full course.

 Inter Art Course 2

(12 Weeks)


Please note

These classes will resume in 2021


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