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Our London Art School

The aim of the London Art School is to encourage and support each student in order for them to discover : -

"In every human being there is an artist, and whatever his activity, he has an equal chance with any to express the result of his growth and his contact with life..."

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Whether you are an intermediate or a foundation student looking to build a portfolio for university or a practising artist looking to widen your skills and get to know and work with other artists, at London Art School we have the tutors, classes and facilities for you.


In 2023 London Art School continues the time-honoured tradition of working artists demonstrating and passing on their skills to the artists of tomorrow. 


We look forward to welcoming you. 

Sue Cooper

Born in London, Sue studied Art at Harrow School of Art and DeMontfort University and was awarded a Royal Society of Arts Travel Scholarship & Associate membership. She did props and set design and painting for major London theatre followed by textile design for the Scandinavian market at the legendary Bernat Klein Studios.


After six years as Head of Furnishing Textile Design at Liberty of London Sue concentrated on her own art at the Hope Collection before entering into teaching art to adults and children. She was Head of Art and Head of History of Art at St. James Senior Girls School and is an OCR A-Level Moderator of Art and AQA A-Level History of Art Examiner.

Sue is passionate about drawing, painting and print-making and when she is not teaching, this is her other pursuit in life. Her work has sold through public exhibitions and private commissions and her practice is ongoing as she is part of a professional art group.

‘Teach and Learn’ is a principle held close to her heart.

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