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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"
Thomas Merton

Drawing Classes


Watercolour Classes


Portfolio Help - GCSE & A-Level

Learn observational skills and how to depict a range of still life and architectural subjects. 

Learn how to use the beautiful transparent medium of watercolour.  Initial studies will be drawn from natural forms and organic subjects.

Receive help with preparing your portfolio from an OCR Moderator, Examiner and ex-teacher

Our weekly online classes start from as little as £14.00 and are aimed at an intermediate skill level. We offer a taster session to give you a feeling for the style of teaching, before committing to a full course.

You will learn to approach a range of subjects with confidence and gain a better understanding of the elements required for drawing and painting. 

"After searching for a while for art classes, I finally found what I want. At London Art School I am learning how to draw using different materials and different techniques of drawing. I have been taught to draw using ink, charcoal and pencils. All materials are provided, you only need to show up and forget yourself in drawing, with the help and instructions of a great teacher, in a friendly environment and with a stunning view!"

 - Shereen

"Sue is a superb artist and a sympathetic and encouraging  teacher. I started going to her lessons about a year ago and I am delighted with the improvements I have made in my work, both  in water colours and oils. It is all down to her!"

 - Chris Wallis

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